Rumor Patrol: Nintendo 64 Classic Design Allegedly Leaks

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Over the past two years, Nintendo has re-released its two very first home consoles in the form of the NES Classic and SNES Classic – both of which proved to be good commercial decisions due to incredible consumer reception. Some fans believe that the natural step following these two hits would be to release a "Classic" iteration of 1996’s Nintendo 64 (which has been rumored to be in development for some time but has not been confirmed). However, if some recently revealed images are to be believed, players keen to revisit N64 games may soon be very happy.

Three images of what appears to be a newly-produced N64 have surfaced on the subreddit dedicated to the console. The images are said to have come from a Spanish Twitter user by the name of Nacho & Pistacho, who has claimed that they come from an internal (but unnamed) source at Nintendo.

There seems to be somewhat of a mixed response to these images, with some believing that they may indeed be legitimate and others pointing out potential flaws in the featured console’s design. One particularly big area of contention involved the socket design, which was said to be too weak for a new Nintendo console. Some also pointed out that the controller ports could not actually be used on the featured console.

While there are definitely some flaws in the console’s design, the photos do seem to show a product that it is very hard to believe is not real. As previously mentioned, both the NES Classic and SNES Classic were greeted with a warm reception, so it would not be surprising if Nintendo were planning to release an N64 Classic right before the Christmas period.

That said, there are often rumors and claimed leaks regarding new consoles (or even those simply due for a re-release) that are later proven to be fake. So, maybe it is important for those hoping for an N64 Classic not to get too excited yet.

Source: Reddit

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