For a handheld gaming device whose predominant focus is delivering glasses-less 3D effects, there are a fair amount of people out there who just don’t care for it. In a survey taken in May 2011 of 1,600 people, 28% said the 3D effects of the Nintendo 3DS actually detracted from the player experience.

The survey, conducted by Interpret LLC, reported that 28% of polled individuals didn’t know about the glasses-less 3D effect, 22% thought the 3D effects improved gameplay, 13% played with the 3D completely off, and 28% said the 3D ruined their gaming experience. Of course, 1,600 people is a small number compared to the actual number of 3DS users in North America and elsewhere, but that’s still a fair percentage of people who think the 3D effect is unnecessary.

After the 3DS price drop, sales have increased significantly for the handheld, but whether or not these individuals are buying it because it’s a new handheld from Nintendo or because they actually care about the 3D effects are another matter entirely. In fact, some respondents in the survey said their ideal 3D gaming experience comes from using a 3D-enabled TV and not just a 3D-effect.

The 3DS is having some problems really connecting with audiences right now. With Nintendo also announcing¬†a second circle pad attachment that increases the size of the unit, there’s uncertainly surrounding the value and future of the device. It seems like the platform is turning into a “fix it as it needs” kind of problem, not great news with the PlayStation Vita making (positive) waves in the media as of late.

Nintendo is also very adamant about not joining the mobile market and sticking purely to their guns regarding handheld gaming. Could this be a mistake on their part? There are a few things that are floundering for Nintendo regarding the 3DS and the Wii U, but can the Japanese gaming juggernaut pull something together and really impress fans, or will they “innovate” themselves to death?

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Source: Gamespot

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