Nintendo 3DS UK Launch Date Revealed

Nintendo 3DS UK Launch Date

March 25, 2011, is the date UK gamers can finally get their hands on the Nintendo 3DS, two days before the console launches in the US. Sadly, specific console prices and launch line-ups weren't revealed at Nintendo's hour long press conference, though there was a promise of upto 25 games within the system's launch window.

Fronted by everyone's favorite comedian, Jonathan Ross, the European Nintendo 3DS showcase provided many talking points for UK gamers. The biggest news coming out of the conference is that Britains will be receiving the console two days before our US counterparts, with the release being marked as March 25, not the rumored March 18. The console itself will come in a selection of two colors, Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black, both of which will be available at a wide selection of retailers.

Sadly for people expecting more detail, Nintendo were unable to specifically mention a  price for the console. Instead they chose to "leave it to retailers" to decide on the final price. As I write this, HMV have unveiled a price of £229.99 both via their website and the official HMV Twitter feed.

HMV Twitter UK Price

No specific pricing or details on games in the launch window were revealed, though we were promised up to 25 games in the launch window. Footage from a number of first and third-party games was showcased at the event, with a wide selection of games both new and old being outed. Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition was showcased in detail, while it was also revealed that The Sims 3 will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS. Meanwhile, new footage of PilotWings Resort, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Animal Crossing and Resident Evil: Revelations were also shown throughout the trailers.

UK  Nintendo 3DS owners can also look forward to the arrival of 'Sky 3D', a feature which looks set to allow users access to 3D television content. Unfortunately, the details of what content this could end up being were kept under wraps. All we know is that it's coming later in the year, along with promised content from Eurosport.

Also unveiled was SpotPass, a system which allows 3DS users access to content even when their console is in sleep mode. This will be utilized by a number of the consoles features and will allow users to wirelessly connect and communicate with other gamers, even in the case of Street Fighter which will allow players to compete with gamers locally and view their gamer details.

Are these prices what you expected of the system? Will you be picking up a Nintendo 3DS at launch? Have you been able to find it cheaper anywhere?

The Nintendo 3DS will launch on March 25, 2011 in the UK.

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