1 Original Slider Disc + 1 Add-On Slider Disc = 1 Big Mistake. By now the news is out there, whether Nintendo wanted it released or not. A cradle adaptor for the 3DS is coming out that adds a second slider disc to the right side of the portable. This addition of a second circle pad will make games like Kid Icarus Uprising suddenly much more playable for left-handed gamers but it will also make the system much more bulky and frankly, ugly.

With GameStop getting into the iOS/Apple business in some form or fashion and Android and iOS mobile devices continuing to take a bigger and bigger bite out of the portable gaming and portable entertainment market in general, this new slider-disc add-on for the 3DS is going to hurt Nintendo and the 3DS more than it will help.

Some small part of Nintendo should be congratulated for taking an aggressive approach with the 3DS and doing their best to make it a success going forward. They cut the price, gave early adopters a little bonus/thank you through the Ambassador Program, and now are looking to add more functionality via a second slider disc. But why weren’t these concerns addressed before the system was released? The problem presented by having only one “analog” stick was apparent from the first day the PSP launched. Early Kid Icarus demos also should have let Nintendo know of the issue. Why was Nintendo in such a rush to release a system that seems like it was in beta form at best?


Like it or not, console add-ons fracture the user base. Just as the Wii Motion Plus added functionality to the Wii, it also created a new problem for developers. Would they assume customers all already owned one? Would they need to bundle the device with their game? Would they need to make the game playable with and without the peripheral? These are headaches game developers don’t want to deal with.

Nintendo has traditionally had a hard time getting third party developers to make high-profile games for their consoles and changes like adding a second slider disc this short into a console’s life cycle certainly will not help. The pressure is on and like or not, Nintendo might need to reconsider its view on making mobile-app games.

What do you think? Do you think Nintendo was right to create this second slider disc peripheral or do you think they should have stuck by the 3DS as originally released? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.