Nintendo 3DS Breaks First Day Sales Records

Nintendo 3DS Sales Figures

In a launch that shocked absolutely everyone in the gaming world, Nintendo has still managed to pull off the completely expected - sell more Nintendo 3DS systems at launch than any portable console before it. The criticism has been harsh for Nintendo's second foray into 3D gaming, yet they reported yesterday that previous sales records were broken by the $250 device.

Apparently the previously reported problems (check the archive) have not slowed the public from mass consumption. Although the games on this console are not much more than tech demos right now, the release of some very important mascot-containing titles are expected to see the light of day sooner rather than later. If so, sales should keep up throughout the year, into the all-too-important first holiday season for the console.

Exact figures have not been released, but it is safe to assume Nintendo made an enormous profit, especially considering their overhead to actually produce the 3DS. It is surprising that amongst all the bad press Nintendo has still managed to turn this into such a rousing success. Disappointing launch line up, headaches and battery problems be darned, Nintendo remains the king of portable gaming... at least for now. A representative at Nintendo had the following to say about the successful launch:

"More details about U.S. sales numbers will be made public on April 14, when first-week U.S. sales figures will be tallied by the independent NPD Group. Nintendo worked hard to get as much product as possible to retailers on day one to meet demand, and we will continue with these efforts moving forward."

How do you all feel about the massive sales of the 3DS? Does it surprise you at all, considering it is a portable console from Nintendo? Check out our Nintendo 3DS review to see our opinion of the 3DS, and discuss your thoughts in the comments below.

The Nintendo 3DS is on store shelves across most of the world (sorry Australia) for $250. Check back for exact sales figures on April 14th.

Source: IGN


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