Nintendo 3DS with Dual Circle Pads

It’s no secret that the Nintendo 3DS has been under performing since its launch back in March, and Nintendo has appropriately responded by dropping the handheld’s price point by a whopping $80. With the 3DS’s new price, the portable has become a lot more appealing, and sales have improved since the drop.

However, Nintendo may already be looking to re-invent the current image of the 3DS, and they allegedly plan on doing so by adding another circle pad onto the portable.

This report comes from French gaming site 01net, and their sources have been proven to be pretty reliable in the past; they even revealed that Nintendo’s new console was codenamed Project Cafe before it was officially dubbed the Wii U. The anonymous source states that Nintendo plans on also making a second circle pad available to existing devices – but said to be an add-on that will attach to the right-hand side of the 3DS. The price for the attachment is expected to be a very reasonable $10 sum, which isn’t bad for gamers who want more precision when playing portable titles.

The other part of the rumor states that Nintendo may be ditching the focus on glasses-less 3D, in favor of a newly rebranded 3DS system that doesn’t attract the attention of all those pesky parents with 3D-related health concerns. The revision of Nintendo’s 3DS wouldn’t completely ditch 3D, but it wouldn’t push the option nearly as hard as they have been with the current model. The new version would also hopefully increase the current 3DS’s poor battery life — although the improved handheld’s battery life isn’t mentioned in the rumored report.

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These rumors sound borderline ridiculous, and that’s likely because they aren’t true. Then again, gamers have been anticipating a revamp of the 3DS ever since the handheld made its debut. Adding a $10 circle pad peripheral to the Nintendo 3DS would also help please the early adopters who don’t want to cough up more cash to enjoy games with the dual joysticks, which presumably the new SKU would feature. Taking focus off of 3D also seems like a good move, because one of the biggest deterrents for parental units is the potential health problems that the feature can have on young children.

If any of these rumors are true, then news on a new 3DS model likely won’t hit until well after the Holidays in an effort to keep sales as high as possible, and the pending releases of Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 should certainly help.

Do you think there is any validity to these rumors? Would a 3DS with two circle pads be enough to make you interested?

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Source: 01net (via Edge)

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