Nintendo Calls for 3DS Presentation This Friday

Satoru Iwata 3DS Nintendo Presentation

Not but a day after Sony reveals the North America and Europe release dates for the PlayStation Vita does Nintendo come out, attempting to steal some attention back to them for their handheld: the 3DS.

The 3DS has been insanely successful at earning itself big headlines, unfortunately most of it isn't in a positive light. From pricing issues to the price drop, and the lack of games to a ridiculous slide pad attachment, there's still more to come.

Nintendo announced this morning through their Japanese website, that they'll be holding the "Nintendo 3DS New Information: Internet Presentation" this Friday. From what we're hearing, this is almost a 'part 2' of the pre-TGS Nintendo presentation back in September which ended up being a major letdown, especially for investors. Gamers were hoping for new game reveals and major announcements but none of that came to be.

Instead, we got confirmation the circle pad attachment and a pink colored 3DS.

The Friday internet-only presentation will be pre-recorded and hosted by CEO Satoru Iwata. It will reportedly focus on stuff they couldn't cover back at the September event, namely details on Mario Kart 7 and the new firmware update. You'll be able to stream live through Ustream and Nico Nico Video, beginning at 8pm Japan time, or 7am EST.

Nintendo 3DS Internet Presentation Invite

We expect more than just Mario Kart 7 and firmware details - these do not warrant their own presentation. For Nintendo's sake, let's hope they blow people away with something special - there's no more room for disappointments (we hope).

Could it be a new 3DS model with the built in second circle pad? Another price cut? New features that tie into the Wii U? New games?

What would you like to see Nintendo unveil? Stay tuned for more as we'll watch it and report what comes out of it Friday morning.


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Source: Nintendo (via Andriasang)

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