North American Nintendo 3DS Launch Lineup Detailed

3DS North American Launch Titles

The wait is almost over. The Nintendo 3DS launches in North America in just over a month, and gamers who plan to take the system home on day one can start planning their game purchases, as well. The full lineup of North American launch titles for the 3DS was revealed by Nintendo this morning.

The 3DS launches in Japan on February 26, and launches in Europe on on March 27. North American gamers may be the last in the world to get their hands on Nintendo's glasses free-3D system, but they are also getting the largest selection of launch day titles, with 18 games available. European gamers have 15 day one titles, while the Japanese market pays for its early access to the system with a scant 8 games available at launch.

There are no real shockers among the titles, and gamers who had hoped against hope that Nintendo had something up its sleeve for launch will be sorely disappointed. Indeed, Nintendo takes pains to point out that it has several other games "in the works for 2011," including Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Star Fox 64 3D, Kid Icarus: Uprising and "new installments in the Mario Kart series." Really? More than one Mario Kart game is in development for 3DS? Interesting.

Nintendo will be delivering five first party titles for the launch of the 3DS, though three of them are variations of nintendogs + cats, with the remaining 13 titles split between Capcom, EA, LucasArts, Konami, Namco Bandai, Sega, Square-Enix, Tecmo Koei, and Ubisoft. In terms of number of games on offer, Ubisoft takes the day, with four games ready to go.

Have a look at the full list of North American launch titles for the Nintendo 3DS:

For whatever reason, there is one title that will be available in the UK, but not in the US: Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell 3D. But what are North American 3DS players getting that their friends in Europe aren't? The big one is Nintendo's Steel Diver, which is described as "a submarine game that involves strategy and combat. The 3D visuals give players the sensation that they are looking into a miniature aquarium as they control the sub's speed, depth and pitch, and fire torpedoes." Could be fun. Take a look at the game's trailer:


It should come as no surprise that Madden NFL Football is on hand for the American launch, given the nation's love for the sport. BUST-A-MOVE UNIVERSE is US exclusive, as well. Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D, from Ubisoft, rounds out the unique titles for North America. What is Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D? Well, it's this:


Nintendo also has a fresh look at Pilotwings Resort on offer, no doubt to help make the purchasing decision that much easier. Check it out:


Finally, four minutes of off-screen video of SAMURAI WARRIORS: Chronicles has hit the web, and here it is:


Though the 3DS launch lineup still lacks a clear stand-out, system selling title, it is certainly diverse enough, and gamers of practically any stripe should be able to find at least one game worth picking up. Action, simulation, racing, sports, puzzle, fighting -- all the bases are covered. The only question now is, which game to get?

Ranters, we're coming up fast on the 3DS launch. Will you be getting a system? What do you think of the North American launch lineup? Which game do you plan to buy, and what 3DS games on the horizon are you most looking forward to?

The Nintendo 3DS and its lineup of 18 games launches in North America on March 27, 2011.

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