Nintendo Announces 3DS Partnership With AT&T & Netflix

Nintendo Announced New Partnership with AT&T and Netflix

There's been a lot of Nintendo news pouring out of GDC today, and the majority of it has been related to Nintendo's upcoming 3DS. This shouldn't come as a surprise considering that the new handheld is less than a month away from launch, but a few of the announcements to come from today's Nintendo-fueled conference titled 'Video Games Turn 25: A Historical Perspective and Vision for the Future' certainly weren't expected. On top of the announcement of Super Mario coming to the 3DS, Nintendo also announced a new partnership with both AT&T and Netflix.

Nintendo's AT&T  partnership will allow Nintendo 3DS owners to access the internet using 1 of over 10,000 Wi-Fi Hot Spots across the entire nation. Nintendo wants to making getting connected with the 3DS as easy as possible, allowing gamers the ability to battle friends online and watch 3D movie trailers while sipping on a coffee at Starbucks or waiting at the airport. It's a smart move to help users get the full experience with their 3DS even if they don't have Wi-Fi in their own homes. The AT&T 3DS Hot Spots will become available with the 3DS' system update in May.

The AT&T partnership is cool, but it's the Netflix and Nintendo partnership that is sure to draw the most excitement. If it wasn't already obvious, the partnership between the two companies will see that Netflix, and its entire library of films and TV shows, will all be watchable on the Nintendo 3DS. Of course, those wanting to utilize the feature will need to be connected to a broadband wireless internet connection, and will also need to be the proud owner of an Unlimited Streaming Account on Netflix (which goes for about $7.99 a month).

Both announcements are very exciting for those among the masses who plan on purchasing the handheld at some point in its life cycle. Netflix is a popular feature on any system (be it portable or home console) and the ability to start a movie on the 3DS and finish it on the Wii is almost too nice to pass up. The bummer is that the AT&T Hot Spots won't be available until May, and Netflix likely won't make an appearance until late May either. This does however, mean that nobody will hate the guy who holds onto his money until such features become available.

What do you think about the 10,000 plus AT&T Wi-Fi areas being made available for 3DS users? Is Netflix a nice addition to the handheld in your opinion?

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