Reggie Fils-Aime: No Nintendo 3DS Lite Just Yet

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The Nintendo 3DS is less than a week old in North America and it's already set sales records, but that hasn't stopped anyone from believing that a revamped and upgraded model is just around the corner.

Speculation on the eventual release of a 3DS Lite hasn't been letting up since the 3DS launched, and it's not really a surprise why anyone would assume that. Reggie Fils-Aime, President of Nintendo America, did have something to say about the Nintendo 3DS Lite rumors currently circling among the masses, and he has stated that nobody should expect an evolution of the 3D handheld this year.

Fils-Aime was recently asked some questions by MTV at the North American launch event for the new Nintendo 3DS, and when the topic of the 3DS Lite popped up, he was quick to defend the current design on the Nintendo 3DS... at least until the end of the current fiscal year.

"It's interesting. We haven't even sold the first one and consumers are asking about what's next. I answer it this way. The 3DS is our key handheld device. It is going to be our key business driver for the balance of this year, through the holidays. What I would also say, if the consumer has a concern, buy it here at Best Buy because they've got a great program where you can essentially buy some insurance to make sure your product isn't obsolete. Not that the Nintendo 3DS will ever be obsolete! But certainly it's not something that consumers need to be concerned about."

The fact that he's recommending that people invest in a Best Buy policy just in case their system becomes obsolete isn't a very encouraging sign, but it looks like at the very least people who've purchased the 3DS are safe for the rest of 2011. The original DS was upgraded to the DS Lite after only 18 months here in North America, and only 15 months after the original DS's release in Japan. A redesign is surely imminent  at some point, but I doubt anyone expected an upgrade for Nintendo's new handheld to debut this year.

People are talking about a redesign for a reason though, and Nintendo is going to be trying to fix a few of the design flaws (*cough* battery life *cough*) sooner rather than later.

Do you think it's inevitable that we'll see a 3DS redesign? If so, then when would you expect it to debut?

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Source: MTV

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