Leaked Pictures & Video of Stolen Nintendo 3DS

Stolen Nintendo 3DS images appear online

One of the most anticipated video game releases of 2011 is not a video game itself, but an innovative handheld platform. The Nintendo 3DS is set to carry the torch of success of its predecessor models into the third dimension and bring with it some of the most popular franchises the DS family has to offer. While the world awaits official release date, pricing and bundled options of the 3DS, we do now have a closer look at the device courtesy of a thief.

A worker in a Chinese manufacturing plant has stolen a 3DS and decided to share his courage (or cowardice depending on your perspective) with the rest of the world. Since its escape, the 3DS has already taken to the mean streets and started to gain cred. The leaked pictures show the handheld makin' deals with yoshi and the mario twins, chillin' with its posse of predecessors, not booting, and even standing tall on its own.

Take a look at a few of the photos that were put up online:

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There's also video which shows the comparison between the 3DS and other DS models as well as a failed attempt to boot the system with Mario DS inside but it has since been removed from YouTube. If it pops up again, we'll update the post with the video.

Since it doesn't work at all, the first (not legit) owner of the 3DS now has the coolest paperweight in the office. No word yet from Nintendo about the theft, but it's unlikely they will remain silent for long. Unfortunately, there's no official updates on the system or how expensive it will be yet.

What would you use your bricked 3DS for? At least it won't hurt the owner's eye health...

Does this work as viral marketing?

The 3dS is slated for release sometime in 2011.

Source: 3DS Buzz

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