Nintendo 3DS eShop Coming Late May

Nintendo 3DS eShop Release Date

It has been confirmed in the past that Nintendo wouldn't be making the Nintendo 3DS's eShop available until some time after launch, but they have finally decided to announce when to expect the eventual update. An update will be available for download sometime at the end of May that will make the eShop available, and once that happens then it'll open a floodgate for new games, old games and more. Nintendo also announced a pair of old-school consoles that are also set to have their games prominently featured on their portable's download service.

The eShop update will bring Game Boy and Game Boy Color games to the 3DS - that's nothing new - but what Nintendo has announced today is that both TurboGrafx-16 and SEGA's Game Gear titles will also be joining in on the action. Nintendo didn't mention which games from each console's illustrious library would be available for purchase on the launch of the 3DS eStore — if any — but they did assure everyone in attendance at their GDC conference that games from each console would be coming at some point.

Nintendo also plans to release '3D Classics', which are some of their older games that have been updated to include 3D effects. These "select classic video games" are sure to bring smiles to everyone who originally enjoyed the games in eye-poppingly lacklustre 2D. In all seriousness however, the remastered '3D Classics' will give players a whole new perspective on some of their classic childhood games. The original Pokémon in 3D does seem appealing, while simultaneously horrifying.

Aside from all of the games that will become available after late May, the 'Big N' announced that the May update will also include a "short-form video service." This service will allow users to watch "trailers for Hollywood movies in 3D and access video game trailers, screen shots, background information and links to publishers' websites." The content in this service will feature small video clips of whatever they'd like to preview, brief comedic shorts and even music videos, but the coolest part is that all of these videos can be watched in 3D.

The last feature of the update will allow those with pre-purchased DSiWare to transfer it over to their 3DS. The official internet channel will also become available at the end of May, much to the delight of all who wanted to check their Twitter and Facebook via the Nintendo 3DS.

All of these games and applications sound intriguing, but it's very clear that the eShop will be taking center stage once the update is released. It'll certainly be cool to see how the 3D video service works on the new handheld, but it'll be more interesting to see when Nintendo will make full-length 3D movies available instead of just previews. It's disappointing that Nintendo won't have any of these features ready until two months after launch, but it certainly seems that they'll be worth the wait. Plus, there's always the new Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword trailer that should keep everyone until well after May.

Also coming in May with the Nintendo 3DS update are the AT&T 3DS Hot Spots so you can take advantage of the Nintendo-Netflix partnership while out and about.

Are you bummed that you'll be waiting until the end of May to play some of Nintendo's classic titles on your 3DS? What's your favourite new feature that will be included in the May update?

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