Nintendo 3DS: What Do You Think?

Nintendo 3DS Discussion

The first major new gaming platform of the year released yesterday in North America and last week in the UK. I am of course, speaking of Nintendo's 3DS, the company's next handheld device that offers a glasses-less 3D experience.

You can read our Nintendo 3DS review for some thoughts on the device, but we also want to hear what you guys think. Did you pick up the game at launch? Are you waiting on better pricing and games? Or have you tried it and it's simply not for you?

The variety of DS releases were incredibly successful and Nintendo's master plan with the 3DS is allowing them to continue that success with the latest model. Sporting 3D graphics, a better processor and the addition of a 3D control stick (finally!), does the 3DS do enough outside of 3D imagery to establish itself as the start of the next handheld console generation?

The release of the unit has been hit with controversy, ranging from health problems with users' eyes, to its weak launch line-up of games and its strict pricing structure, but is it a quality system that's totally worth its price?

Check out some of our key 3DS articles of recent and share your thoughts on the device.

We want your thoughts on the Nintendo 3DS, its games so far, its multiplayer functionality, its pricing and what you want from future releases or future 3DS models. We also want to know how you think the 3DS will compare to Sony's NGP later this year.

Share your thoughts in the comments and with us on Twitter @rob_keyes and @gamerant.

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