New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Edition Set For Europe

The New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Edition

Nintendo are no strangers to releasing a revised version of one of their handhelds, but the company has certainly taken things to new heights with the 3DS. As well as a host of one-off limited editions, the company released a larger version of the console back in 2012 and a non-clamshell 2DS the year after — and they're set to release the souped-up New 3DS in the coming months.

To celebrate the release of the latest 3DS revision, European Club Nintendo members are being offered the chance to purchase an Ambassador Edition of the new console. This limited edition 3DS comes in white, with a special Ambassador cover plate that reads 'Nintendo' in Japanese characters, as well as Super Smash Bros. cover plates for both the front and back of the console and a docking station.

Tenured 3DS owners will likely recognize the word 'Ambassador' from a promotion Nintendo ran in the difficult early months of the console's lifespan. Back then, early adopters were offered a selection of NES and Game Boy Advance titles to keep them sweet — the latter still aren't available to non-Ambassadors, making consoles with the games installed on them rather desirable.

There's no indication that there will be any similar offering with this Ambassador Edition, but the special Nintendo cover plate will likely take the place of those GBA titles as the most coveted part of the deal. Unlike those games, it can be separated from the console itself, so expect to see a few hit eBay in the coming weeks.

New Nintendo 3DS Models
The standard New Nintendo 3DS.

The cover plate might have another advantage to collectors — by the very nature of it being a plastic accessory, it's region free. There's no sign as of yet that a similar Ambassador Edition will be available in the United States, but at least Nintendo devotees will be able to grab the cover plate separately if they can find a willing seller.

Details of the Ambassador Edition might just give us a clue as to what the retail price of the New 3DS and its accessories will be. Nintendo lists the hardware itself as having a £155.99 ($236) value, while the cover plate is given a price point of £7.67 ($11.64). Obviously, these prices aren't solid — but they're a decent ball park estimate.

It remains to be seen just how many games will follow the console's Xenoblade port and Majora's Mask 3DS  in offering extra content on the new system — and as such, this Ambassador Edition is a very smart move on the part of Nintendo. While the New 3DS seems like the definitive edition of the system for a new owner, this limited run might be the perfect way to convince fans who already own a 3DS to double dip.

The New Nintendo 3DS is set to release in 2015 in North America. European Club Nintendo members have until January 12 to grab an Ambassador Edition console.

Source: Club Nintendo, NintyBuzz

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