Nintendo 3DS Propels Over 4 Million Units Sold

Over 4 Million Nintendo 3DS Units Sold

Not even a year has passed since Nintendo released the 3DS and it's already well on its way to the kind of success that the Wii enjoyed. With a price cut and better releases this past season, it is no surprise that the 3DS would increase in sales, but who could have predicted that it could have been this successful so soon?

There is no doubt that titles like Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Star Fox 64 3D, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D have helped drive sales to where they are now, which is at an incredible 4 million and rising in the United States. Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 are also the fastest-selling titles in the history of their respective franchises selling one-million units each in the US. Just within nine months of being on the market the 3DS has seen growing numbers, even despite the horrible year Nintendo had.

The executive vice president of sales and marketing at Nintendo of America, Scott Moffitt, says that the 3DS has had one of the strongest software lineups in the history of Nintendo, which have helped greatly during the holiday season to close 2011 ahead of projected sales. Moffitt says:

"Not only have the new Mario and Zelda titles already broken records, but with strong reviews and satisfied customers sharing their positive experiences, all three are also shaping up to be the latest long-tail titles from Nintendo. Couple that with a massive first- and third party lineup in the first part of the year and the prospects for 2012 are extremely promising."

It hasn't been all due to popular titles that have helped increase sales, a dramatic price change back in August 2011 has also aided in the marketability of the handheld device. The initial price was $249.99 and is now just $169.99 — with Black Friday sales, it is also no surprise that the sales rose. Just within a few months of the price drop the 3DS was reporting sales higher than the DS and within the first month 3DS units sold jumped up 260 percent.

A year in review, in 2011 Nintendo has sold 12 million total hardware units in the US, which include 4.5 million Wii's, 4 million 3DS's, and 3.4 million DS's. This year, 2012 looks more promising for Nintendo and the 3DS with titles from franchises Mario Party, Pokémon, and Kid Icarus. Other third-party games also include Resident Evil: Revelations and Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater.

Ranters! If you have a 3DS, have you enjoyed your time with it and will you be looking forward to its future?


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