3D Video Recording Could Be in the Future of the 3DS


You have to hand it to Nintendo: the 3DS hasn't even launched yet, and the possibilities of how the device might change our definition of gaming are already piling up. In the latest edition of Iwata Asks, the company's President and CEO Satoru Iwata spoke with developers about the various technical challenges that arose when developing the new handheld, and revealed that the ability to record video in 3D is something that they are definitely looking into for future updates.

The ability to capture friends and family in three dimensions won't be available with the device's launch, but with the launch of the 3DS rumored to be arriving sooner rather than later, the potential of the handheld is just as promising as the existing content.

The developers made it clear that those who've already purchased one of the millions of 3Ds's are likely to overlook just how difficult it was to make sure that every single device was perfectly aligned and prepared to capture accurate 3D images. The task was a monumental one for Nintendo to undertake, but according to Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto, Iwata is already looking to the next achievement in the device's future:

"Miyamoto: But Iwata-san also wants to include 3D video in the future! (laughs)

"Iwata: I think it will be fun if we're able to include video recording capabilities with future updates."

All of you budding James Camerons out there rejoice, as at least one man at Nintendo is making it his goal to bring the ability to capture video in all three dimensions to the masses. We have no idea what kind of effect the new ability would have on the device's battery life, but the external storage means that space wouldn't be an issue.

The ability may just be a pipe-dream at this point, but it wasn't too long ago that being able to have glasses-free 3D technology in your hands was a complete impossibility, so it wouldn't be wise to dismiss the idea. One thing we can be certain of is that the 3DS is more of a doorway than a piece of hardware. It could be years before the true potential of the handheld is realized, only then proving that it deserves its place among Nintendo's other landmark achievements.

We don't know what other Nintendo news will be coming with each passing day, but we'll bring you all of it as it happens. What's your take? Do you think 3D video is something that Nintendo should be spending their time on, or focus it instead on adding games to their list of launch titles?

Make sure you mark your calendars to get your own piece of gaming history, when the Nintendo 3DS arrives in spring 2011.

Source: Nintendo

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