Nintendo Wii Retail Sales Show One Wii in Every Three UK Houses

Nintendo Wii UK Sales

Nintendo would like to remind everyone that they aren’t just dominating sales charts in North America and Japan. In case you haven’t checked out a map in a while, there’s a pretty big market known as the UK, and Nintendo seems to be doing just fine over there too. In fact, new data suggests that one in every three households in the United Kingdom has a Wii. So for those of you who may have been concerned that Nintendo wasn’t printing money in every country in the world, I hope I have placed your mind at ease.

GfK Chart-Track, the company that provided the statistics, uses retail sales data to monitor how well consoles fly off the shelves. The Wii has thus far sold over 8 million units in the UK, and with around 25 million homes, that’s where the claim comes from. Although, since this is purely retail data, it does not account for homes with multiple Wii consoles. But unless a huge quantity of homes has more than one Wii, the one-in-three number seems pretty reasonable.

Nintendo is looking to capitalize on their deep market saturation with a big holiday season in the UK. Nintendo UK marketing director Dawn Paine said:

“This Christmas, with the help of our celebrity friends, we will be helping the nation play together and have fun whatever their age.”

The “celebrity friends” Paine is referring to is part of Nintendo’s newest advertising campaign to show stars of all ages enjoying Nintendo’s games and gadgets. From broadcasters and reality television stars, to Academy Award winning actress Dame Helen Mirren, it sounds like Nintendo is utilizing a famous faces strategy similar to the Nintendo DS marketing campaign North America has seen in recent years.

How about it Ranters? Can Nintendo possibly shove any more Wii systems into more houses? Is the market hitting its breaking point for motion gaming, or will the Wii be a hot item again this holiday?

Source: GamesIndustry

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