Ninja is Quitting Twitch to Stream Exclusively on Mixer

ninja is quitting twitch to stream exclusively on mixer

Ninja is arguably the top video game streamer in the world, having made millions of dollars from the streaming career that he built on Twitch, mostly playing Fortnite. Since Ninja has more or less been the face of Twitch for the past couple of years, it comes as a shocking announcement that the streamer is quitting Twitch to stream exclusively on Microsoft's Mixer platform moving forward.

Ninja himself made the announcement on Twitter, releasing a video depicting a mock press conference. In the video, he answers questions from "reporters" about his shocking decision to jump ship from Twitch to Mixer. He explains that it will still be the same kind of content that his fans expected from him on Twitch, but that Mixer will allow him to get back to his "roots" as a video game streamer. The video features appearances by "bushy" - a reference to the Fortnite bush item that players can hide in - as well as a Red Bull machine, indicating that Ninja will still be playing Fortnite and that his sponsorships are coming with him to mixer.

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The announcement that Ninja is leaving Twitch to stream exclusively on Mixer is huge, and it could have a significant impact on the streaming landscape. After all, Ninja is consistently one of the most-viewed streamers on Twitch, and his presence on Mixer is sure to give that streaming platform a significant boost. Mixer has hardly been able to compete with Twitch so far, but this move makes it a much more legitimate streaming platform.

It's quite likely that Mixer and Microsoft signed some sort of exclusivity deal with Ninja to bring him to their platform. After all, Ninja already has a dedicated fanbase on Twitch, and jumping ship to Mixer could be seen as a risk. That risk would be offset by a lucrative offer from Mixer and Microsoft, and it's really hard to see why he would quit Twitch for Mixer for any other reason.

Moving forward, it will be interesting to see if other top Twitch streamers leave it to follow Ninja to Mixer. It's possible that Mixer will be looking to poach more talent from Twitch, with top names like Shroud and Dr Disrespect coming to mind - though the latter may be less appealing to Mixer due to his controversies, like the E3 2019 bathroom incident.

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