Ninja Theory Discusses Backlash Over Dante's New Look In 'Devil May Cry'

Ninja Theory

Ninja Theory has come under an inordinate amount of internet anger over the past couple weeks. After revealing their new look for Dante, the hero of Devil May Cry, fans were quick to cry foul over the changes made.

In an interview with PlayStation Blog, Lead Producer Alex Jones and Chief Creative Director Tameem Antoniades sit down to answer a few questions about the game and give their feelings regarding the fans’ reactions to the first trailer for the game.

From the beginning the developers at Ninja Theory knew that being tasked with re-imagining such an iconic character as Dante was not only going to be a daunting task, one that might alienate many a fan, but they also knew that it was a challenge worth taking. As a property, Devil May Cry has always been known for creative gameplay, hard-hitting music, and the flamboyant flair of its hero. While many fans turned up their nose the instant they saw their first frame of Dante, those who did stick around should note that this Devil May Cry looks to be a fairly faithful adaptation. It might not have the same silver-haired protagonist that gamers were expecting, but gameplay-wise the it seems to fall right in line with what Capcom was able to do with the previous DMC games.

Not only is Ninja Theory taking the character in a new direction, but also they are attempting to reinvigorate the core of the game with an updated level design and the inclusion of some game mechanics that are not combat based. If the Dante of Ninja Theory’s game had more closely resembled Hideki Kamiya's version, I think that fans would find a lot to enjoy from the trailer and would be highly anticipating this game. Unfortunately, the drastic overhaul made to Dante’s look is holding them back.

Well aware that they have their backs against the wall, Ninja Theory is holding out hope that gamers will wait to pass their final judgment until they get their hands on the game itself. I, for one, am excited to get my hands on Devil May Cry as a firm believer that no game deserves to be passed up until played.

If Dante’s look hadn’t been so drastically redesigned would you be more excited to get your hands on Devil May Cry based on the trailer?

Devil May Cry currently has no release date.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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