Ninja Hits Massive Mixer Subscriber Milestone

ninja hits subscriber milestone

At this point, Ninja seems unstoppable. The streamer announced last Thursday that he would leave Twitch to stream exclusively on Microsoft’s streaming platform Mixer. Now, he has hit an incredible new subscriber count in less than one week.

This afternoon, Ninja announced the new milestone on Twitter. Ninja has officially reached 1,000,000 subscribers. The streamer made the jump from zero to one million in just six days. It seems the lucrative $6 million dollar deal that Mixer offered to lure the streamer was a worthwhile investment.

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Ninja has already achieved a few incredible feats over the last couple of days. The first came on Friday when the streamer hit 100,000 subscribers before broadcasting a single stream. The subscribers continued to pour in after that.

Usually, fans of Ninja would have to pay in order to watch Ninja’s streams. However, Mixer and Ninja have decided to offer subscriptions for free during the streamer’s first month on the platform. This seems like a smart move. Now, millions of folks will get notified when Ninja logs in, and they will all head straight to Mixer.

This whole story has been a wild shake-up for the streaming community. After Ninja announced the switch, others followed him. And so did his fans. Ninja received 80,000 views on his first Mixer stream. The jump to Mixer seemed risky to some at first, but it seems not to have caused any trouble for anyone involved, except maybe Twitch.

But even Twitch seems to have a sense of humor about the situation. The streaming giant replaced Ninja’s channel with a hilarious Mario reference that read “The Ninja you're looking for is in another castle.” On one hand, it’s good to see that Twitch doesn’t feel bitter. On the other hand, it probably wouldn’t look good for the company if they acted like sore losers. Plus, Twitch still has plenty of other popular streamers to keep their advertising revenue high. Letting Ninja go peacefully keeps Twitch out of the spotlight, for the most part.

That spotlight has shifted. Now that all eyes are on Mixer, streaming fans have begun scrutinizing their policies and asking for some accountability. Twitch has had its fair share of controversy, but at least it doesn’t have specific and restrictive rules about what women can wear on stream.

On Twitter, Ninja has remained gracious to the outpouring of support. He has made the announcements of his growing subscriber-base over alongside very positive messages for his fans. It will be interesting to see if Ninja can keep the momentum going once Mixer requires users to pay for subscriptions again.

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