Ninja Responds to Critics With 'Astounding' Mixer Numbers

Fortnite streamer Ninja responds to critics of his move to Mixer, fighting back using some data. In August, Ninja moved to Mixer from Twitch in a deal that was likely incredibly lucrative for the streamer, but some have asked why he moved to a site that is so small.

Speaking on The True Geordie podcast, Ninja reveals that one of the big reasons he and his wife Jessica Blevins chose to move to Mixer is how it would help other streamers. Mixer may be smaller compared to Twitch, but Ninja is able to get a large viewership. Ninja explains that "at the end of my Twitch life I was averaging like 20 to 30k viewers every single day" but on Mixer, he is averaging around 10,000 viewers, something he calls "astounding." The streamer gets criticism from those who say that it's half of his Twitch viewership, but Ninja says that "do you know how great that is on this platform right now?’ and it’s still growing."

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Ninja also teases that he and the Mixer team are "really working on a lot of cool stuff to take advantage of the situation Mixer is in right now." It's unclear what this may be but Ninja was the first streamer to stream Gears 5, which confirms that Microsoft sees the streamer as a great way to show gamers what its developers are developing. There are several other major Microsoft games releasing in 2020 such as Bleeding Edge and Grounded and Ninja could be potentially doing something around these games.

On the podcast, Ninja also shared some more information about why he chose to move to Mixer. Jessica Blevins had said that Ninja couldn't grow his brand on Twitch and on the podcast, the content creator says that he tried to talk to Twitch for eight months to make things work. However, each time Ninja asked Twitch to allow him to do more brand deals, the site just wouldn't allow it. In comparison, it took just two weeks for Mixer and Ninja to shake hands.

The bureaucracy of Twitch may be why so many other Twitch streamers have moved from the site. Some have also come to Mixer while others have moved to YouTube and Facebook Gaming. Not all of them have revealed why they've moved, but if it's for the same reasons as Ninja, it may suggest that Twitch needs to change.

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Source: YouTube - The True Geordie

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