Ninja Helps Small Mixer Channels Get Thousands of New Followers

Ninja helps Fortnite streamers

Popular Fortnite streamer Ninja is now helping other Mixer channels to get thousands of new followers. Ninja, who just recently left Twitch to begin streaming exclusively on Mixer, has just hit one million subscribers on the platform and it seems as though he wants to spread the support around.

Like he did on Twitch, Ninja has begun to end his Mixer streams by hosting other, smaller Fortnite streamers. The first time he did this was on August 5, when he hosted SoloQ_Jokerr's channel. The flood of new followers came as the Mixer streamer was facing off against one of the game's new mechs and it caught him off guard. The video below shows a clip of the streamer's full reaction. On Twitter, SoloQ_Jokerr called it one of the "best/craziest days of my life," thanking Ninja and saying that he is "extremely grateful" for what he'd done for him.

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Two days later, on August 7, Ninja hosted another Fortnite streamer named Phattpantz. On Twitter, Phattpantz said that he'll "never be able to find the words" to thank Ninja for hosting him, which helped him to gain more than 3,000 new Mixer followers. Calling Ninja "The Man, The Myth, The Legend," Phattpantz also said that he'd been knocked for six by it. Phattpantz now has more than 45,000 followers on the platform, while SoloQ_Jokerr now has more than 25,000 followers.

SoloQ_Jokerr and Phattpantz aren't the only streamers to have had their fortunes affected by Ninja's big move to Mixer. Several Fortnite streamers on Twitch, such as Fortnite solos world champion Bugha, Shroud, former Faze Clan member Tfue, Shroud, Myth, and Symfuhny have all gained thousands of new Twitch followers since Ninja left. While Ninja's departure has prompted more than one million people to start using Mixer, many people who are happy with Twitch have been looking for new streamers to fill the space left behind by the Fortnite player with the multi-colored hair.

Ninja's move to Mixer has changed things for many content creators, but it may just be the start. Other Twitch streamers, such as the controversial figure Dr. Disrespect has entertained a move to Mixer as has one, anonymous streamer in Twitch's "top 5". If these streamers do choose to join Mixer, it could mean more potential followers for small Mixer streamers like Phattpantz and SoloQ_Jokerr.

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