Ninja Makes 'Life Changing' Decision to Host Another Fortnite Streamer

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Ninja changes the life of fellow Fortnite streamer Bobby Solez after deciding to host his channel on Mixer for 24 hours. Ninja had been taking a break from streaming so that he could spend more time with his family, but used his platform to help grow another streamer's presence in the community.

On Twitter, Fortnite streamer Bobby Solez said that he appreciates Ninja, his wife Jessica, and the staff at Mixer "so much" for supporting him while he streamed for 24 hours. Bobby Solez said the kindness displayed by Ninja and others in the Mixer community has "changed my life" as well as the way that he looks at streaming. To have someone like Ninja, who has more than one million subscribers on Mixer, show support for someone like Bobby Solez, who has fewer than 40,000 followers on the platform is something he will "never forget for the rest of my life."

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Bobby Solez isn't the only Fortnite streamer that Ninja has promoted on his channel. Just days after Ninja moved to Mixer from Twitch, he helped smaller streamers gain thousands of new followers by hosting them on his channel. Bobby Solez also said that everything that Ninja is doing for Mixer streamers is "iconic" and "legendary" as he doesn't have to do it, but chooses to do so because he feels like it.

Ninja may have only hosted a handful of Fortnite streamers on his channel, but Microsoft's decision to pay the streamer megabucks to move to Mixer is likely helping everyone on the platform.  Industry analysis had suggested that Mixer has just 3% of the streaming market but Ninja's profile has brought millions of people to Mixer, allowing them to see that the platform is worth using.

This could have long-term effects too, as Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect has suggested that there is nothing on Mixer other than Ninja. After Ninja, one of the most popular channels on Mixer is a channel that streams music for 24 hours of the day and, in Dr Disrespect's eyes, offers content of little value. Many may agree with the Doc's assessment but by promoting smaller streamer's content, Ninja could change some minds. Once people see the quality of content on the site, they'll be willing to stick around and support the creators, helping Mixer to grow in a major way.

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