GDC: Ninja Gaiden 3 Trailer

ninja Gaiden 3 GDC trailer

Ryu Hyubusa is back and this time he is shedding the mask. Today, the people at Tecmo have released a small treat showing us what is to be the "spectacular" Ninja Gaiden 3, straight from this year's GDC (Game Developers Conference). The 30-second trailer is only a short teaser of what the game's story has to offer.

This gore and blood filled clip is in the first person perspective of the enemy, and shows his last seconds on earth as Ryu drives his sword through him, crushing his bones and organs. At the last second, Ryu decides to show the enemy his face before finishing him. Sadly, the camera cuts before we get to see the man behind the mask.

This Ninja Gaiden 3 teaser trailer was made to hint at the upcoming games plot more than its gameplay. This does cause one to wonder if Ryu unmasking himself acts as just another plot device or if it actually adds or changes to the gameplay. In the trailer, Ryu does seem to come off as a little demented by excessively killing his enemy and damn near bathing in his opponents' blood.  This definitely reflects a more darker tone than the previous titles of the Ninja Gaiden series. Maybe the unmasked version of Ryu will act as an alter ego who has a different type of fighting style.

Explaining the gore just isn't the same as seeing it for yourself. Take a look:


Ninja Giaden 3 will no doubt be compared to Tomonobu Itagaki's Devil's Third, seeing as this is the first Ninja Gaiden game being developed without Itagaki acting as the games director and leader of Team Ninja. Since the cancellation of Dead or Alive: Code Cronus and Project Progressive, we could use some positive news coming from Team Ninja.

While this teaser barely left us with anything, the full reveal and trailer will be shown at this year's E3. Game Rant will surely be there, keeping you updated on the gaming news as it happens. Tecmo however, has also unveiled the official Ninja Gaiden website although it doesn't contain additional new information yet.

Are you guys ready for the next installment of Ninja Gaiden? There's no official release date but it's expected to release in 2012 for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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