New 'Ninja Gaiden 3' Screenshots Are A Tad Bloody

Oh Ninja Gaiden 3, you might try to conceal your true meanings behind a much more emotionally provocative story and themes, but we know your real game. You're still going to give us some of the bloodiest action anybody's ever seen. These new screenshots prove it to be so. It's OK to embrace the demon within and unleash the wrath all over hapless henchmen who didn't know what they signed on for, it really is.

Yes, there are new Ninja Gaiden 3 screenshots from Team Ninja that show off locales and enemies for top ninja Ryu Hayabusa to traverse and decapitate in his third outing and re-imagining of the series. Just like the previous set of Ninja Gaiden 3 screenshots, blood will be flowing from a great deal of enemies, all of whom have a life... a family... maybe even a pet. Unfortunately (for them), Ryu will be taking all of those things away from each henchman he cuts down. Team Ninja's goal for Ninja Gaiden 3, this time around, is to build a much more conscientious game. They want players to know that as this merciless Ninja, they are ending someone's life with each swing of a blade and they aim to stress the importance of the option players are now given whether or not to kill someone outright after taking them out of the fight.

Game director Yosuke Hayashi discussed how downplaying some of the violence will create a much more personal feeling for the player. It sounds kind of unusual, especially after the series has been renowned for the amount of excessive violence and gore it has seen throughout the years, but this new direction might be what the series needs to avoid the "just another..." stigma. Ninja Gaiden 3 is going to be a quite a bit different from the previous incarnations, especially now that Team Ninja is looking at Dead or Alive for inspiration, but this is a good thing in our minds.

Check out the screenshots and imagine, just for a bit, if Ryu is used to seeing his world through a red filter. His adventure will also take him to the country of Dubai, where presumably, he has people that need killing. In fact, one of the enemy groups, known as the Alchemist Forces, might be on the list. Take a look below:

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The art team must have a ball with all the shades of red they were able to utilize. Ninja Gaiden 3 does look exciting so far and hopefully will deliver another strong, fast-paced slice-'em-up action game.

Ninja Gaiden 3 releases in February 2012 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It will also release for the Wii U as a launch title.


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