Ninja Reveals Why He Doesn't Play More Competitive Fortnite

Ninja competitive Fortnite reasons

Fortnite streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins has dabbled in the game's competitive world, with his standout performance in KEEMSTAR's Friday tournament was able to force a game three, surprising viewers. Plus, Ninja has also taken part in Epic Games' Summer Skirmish event. But those who enjoy watching Ninja perform at this level shouldn't expect the streamer to go all in on competitions.

During a recent stream, Ninja explained to his viewers why he won't be playing competitive Fortnite at a "high, high level" any time soon. "I put out way too much content to focus on competitive gaming," he said, estimating that his streaming hours would have to be cut in half in order to practice twice as much as he already does. The Fortnite streamer also expressed a reluctance to travel for tournaments and be away from his wife and his family for so long, especially as he already has to travel to events for his partners and sponsors.


Ninja makes a huge amount of money from streaming, bringing in around half a million dollars each month. His revenue is thanks to subscribers, as well as those sponsors and partnerships that he mentions. But as many Twitch streamers know, the key to success on the platform is consistency, and Ninja has in part become a big hit due to his regular streaming schedule. It's understandable why the streamer wouldn't want to shake that schedule up by streaming less and regularly taking breaks in order to travel to tournaments.

In fact, Ninja already knows how his numbers can suffer because of inconsistency. At E3 2018, the streamer took part in the Celebrity Pro-Am Fortnite charity tournament which was hosted by Epic Games. Ninja and his duo partner Marshmello won the tournament and his performance may have won him some new fans, but his stream numbers dropped. On Twitter, the streamer revealed that he lost 40,000 subscribers in less than 48 hours because he took a break for taking part in the tournament.

Again, Ninja is still one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, and is the most well-known Fortnite player in the world, despite this drop in subscribers. However, Ninja himself may wonder what percentage of his subscribers would stick around if they aren't always certain when he will be streaming. That's not a question the streamer wants to know the answer to right now, nor is it a risk he wants to take.

Fortnite is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and iOS devices. A beta is currently taking place on Android.

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