Ninja Calls Out Twitch for Alinity Cat Throwing Incident

At first, the split up between internet superstar Tyler "Ninja" Blevins and Twitch seemed to be going relatively smoothly. However, the tone between the two seems to have soured as of late, especially after an incident in which porn was accidentally shown on Ninja's former Twitch channel. Now, Ninja has called Twitch out over another recent event on the game streaming website.

Blevins posted a brief video on Twitter following the Twitch Con opening ceremony, during which the company addressed transparency regarding with bans on the service, largely due to recent incidents on the platform with seemingly arbitrary punishments. In the video, Blevins seems to criticize Twitch over the mishandling of the incident in which streamer Alinity threw her cat over her head during a stream, stating, "All right, so here's what you did wrong. You took an animal, and you just threw it over your head... So, that's, that's the violation there."

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It isn't the most brutal takedown in the history of the internet, but it does seem to come from a place of genuine frustration given Ninja's recent split with Twitch to explore an exclusivity contract with rival streaming platform Mixer. Recently, Ninja also made comments refuting Trump's claims about video game violence.

Just a few days ago, Ninja made a joke that could potentially start a catfight with Alinity, and this video will probably just add fire to the flame should things escalate. Alinity still hasn't posted a response to Ninja, and it doesn't seem that likely that she will. Her public image is still under pretty intense scrutiny at the moment, with hordes of angry users even calling for her to be banned with a petition recently.

At the end of the day, the arguments are somewhat petty, though it does seem that the divide between Ninja and Twitch will continue to worsen. That being said, Ninja has a pretty comfortable position with Mixer now, so he's in a good spot to criticize Twitch's moves. Time will tell how Twitch decides to respond.

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