Nike Nintendo 64 Sneakers Get Release Date and Price

The Nintendo 64 is a console that many gamers have extensive nostalgia for, and it apparently has sufficient appeal to spawn its own pair of Nike shoes, called the Air Max 97 sneakers. The shoes are a new version of the Air Max 97 sneakers released in 1997 and they now have an official price and release date associated with them.

The shoes based on the Nintendo 64 console will be released fairly soon, it turns out.  The Air Max 97 sneakers will be releasing this Wednesday on September 25th at a price of $170 USD.

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In terms of Nike shoes, the Air Max 97 sneakers are at the pricier end of the spectrum. However, given Nintendo 64 fans' love of Nintendo's first 3D console for spawning some of the best games of all-time, it could be a bigger seller than imagined.

Nike actually produces a decent amount of themed sneakers. For example, Nike unveiled Stranger Things-inspired sneakers to tie in with season 3's release. Additionally, they made power-lacing shoes inspired by Back to the Future: Part II and Crackdown 3 Air Jordan 1 shoes.

The Air Max 97 sneakers themselves pay great homage to the Nintendo 64. Based on the images available, the color scheme of the shoes bears great resemblance to the controller. The primary color of the shoe is gray, as was that of the standard Nintendo 64 controller. Furthermore, the sneakers have green and blue patterns running the length of them, and the Air Max unit is yellow, which seemingly references the color of the C buttons. A red pattern runs the top of the shoe, with red being the color of the N64's Start button.

The sneakers' tongues also pay tribute to the Nintendo 64. The left shoe's tongue says "Reset" while the right tongue says "Power," which is a nod to the buttons on the console itself.

The Air Max 97 sneakers aren't necessarily a guaranteed success for Nike. However, given it is the only Nintendo 64-related item within reach right now, with no announcement of the console's games coming to Nintendo Switch nor any announcement of a Nintendo 64 Classic edition, it might be a formidable seller. With that in consideration, come Wednesday, Nintendo 64 fans will be able to sport their 90s nostalgia in both a practical and fashionable way.

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