NieR: Automata Colosseum DLC Adds Square Enix CEO Boss Fight, More

nier automata colosseum dlc square ceo boss fight

NieR: Automata was never supposed to be this successful. Square Enix and Platinum Games' off-beat JRPG collaboration was the follow-up to a niche hit in Nier, which was in itself an entire universe founded upon what was widely considered to be a "joke ending" in Drakengard. Yet something about game director Yoko Taro's blend of humor and post-apocalyptic listlessness won gamers over, and NieR: Automata far surpassed sales expectations in the first month after its launch. Now, Square Enix and Platinum Games are looking to capitalize on NieR: Automata's unexpectedly huge audience with new DLC that looks to extend the game's bizarre and endearing outlook on the genre.

Square Enix celebrated NieR: Automata's one million shipments milestone by hosting a live stream that revealed the new DLC plans for the game. The DLC set will be called - and this is almost certainly at the insistence of Yoko Taro himself - "3C3C1D119440927", and it will include new mission content, costumes, and additional sidequests as well. Square Enix also released a trailer that details an extremely interesting boss fight that lets gamers fight Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda alongside Platinum Games CEO Kenichi Sato:

There's something about seeing the CEOs behind NieR: Automata float down in all of their omnipotent glory that seems to capture everything about Yoko Taro that gamers unfamiliar with the director need to know. It seems strange to wail on Matsuda and Sato, especially since their partnership produced one of the best games of 2017 in NieR: Automata, but there seems to be respect between the androids and the businessmen that suggests it is more a contest of strength rather than a fight to the death.

The NieR: Automata DLC will also feature a number of other meaningful additions to the game, including costumes inspired by characters from NieR: Replicant, a Japan-only release that serves as a prequel to the events of NieR: Automata. The costumes will allow players to dress androids 2B, 9S, and A2 in attire that honors the characters that came before them, and other equipment, such as masks with unique effects and cosmetic accessories like hair dye, will be available as well.

The bulk of new gameplay will come from the boss fights and the addition of three new colosseums, however, which will see the player tasked with clearing waves of increasingly difficult enemies to obtain rewards like the equipment mentioned above.

The NieR: Automata DLC will be available for 1,500 yen - roughly $14 USD - and releases in Japan on May 2. A release date and price point in the west has yet to be announced from Square Enix, although give the success the game has found in North America and Europe, it seems only a matter of time before the content is made available in those locations.

NieR: Automata is available now for PS4 and PC.

Source: Kotaku

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