NieR: Automata Lets Players Buy PlayStation Trophies

Final Fantasy 15 NieR: Automata Crossover

While typically unlocked through beating sections of gameplay or perhaps for finishing a particular challenge, NieR: Automata is planning on changing the way PlayStation trophies function. In an unprecedented move, recent screenshots have come to light showing that players will be able to discover a secret shop in game that sells system level trophies players can buy.

Before this shop is officially open however, players need to first finish the game three times. In addition, fans worried about mircotransactions being used here can breathe a sigh of relief as these trophies can only be purchased using in-game money. It's an interesting trade-off as the currency is also needed to purchase new weapons and items, so it's possible purchasing a trophy or two could stifle player progression in the sprawling open world.

A screenshot of the store reveals that the trophies are not unreasonably expensive, though some are going to cost a little more than others. Based on this information, it certainly appears that trophy prices are set according to their difficulty, so Bronze level trophies would likely cost the least, while Gold ones will set the player back a bit more.

While certainly unique, this isn't the first bit of news to mystify the community. Two months ago NieR: Automata designer Yoko Taro requested fans send him a zipped file of the many “rude drawings” that had surfaced online depicting lead character 2B rather than going around to collect them himself. Taro quickly realized how fast the internet works, noting that zip files were being sent nearly as fast as he was Tweeting.

The butt controversy doesn't stop there however. Square Enix cheekily added a hidden trophy called “What Are You Doing?” for players who feel the need to position the camera under 2B's skirt ten times. While Square Enix and Platinum Games could have easily edited the final product, the two appear to have embraced this side of the game adding to its already quirky charm.

What do you think of being able to buy trophies outright instead of unlocking them? Is this something you'd like to see in other games?

NieR: Automata launches on March 7 for the PlayStation 4, with a PC version expected sometime later in 2017.

Source: Reddit

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