NHL Slapshot's 'Pee Wees to Pros' Trailer, the Wii Alternative to NHL 11

NHL Slapshot

Most sports games today now feature a mode where you take a player from the start of his career college or professional career. EA Sports' NHL SlapShot goes even further with it's Pee Wees to Pro mode.

In this mode you can start you player's career in either the Pee Wees (11-12 years old), Bantam (13-14), or professionally in the Canadian or National Hockey Leagues. From their you'll create your players look and team for the younger leagues. Sadly it still looks like EA hasn't updated the team logos since they first added create-a-team in their games.


In Pee Wee and Bantam, you'll play 3-on-3 hockey outdoors, where hockey was meant to be played. Just like with the single player careers in other games, the better you do on the ice, the more points you'll get to improve your player and move him up the ranks.

At the CHL and NHL levels you'll play the real hockey we all know and love. You'll put your player on a pro team and work at winning a championship. All the NHL teams are available but it doesn't look like the full list of CHL team are. I don't even see the logo for my favorite team, the Calgary Hitmen.

The only thing missing from this game is Wayne Gretzky's father, Walter, building you  hockey rink in his backyard.

After how much fun I had playing Little League World Series 2010, I'm really looking forward to playing NHL Slapshot. The graphics look great for EA's first crack at a Wii hockey game. It looks like a lot of fun and EA seems to be on pace to dominate all the home consoles with great hockey games this year.

EA Sports' NHL Slapshot is a Wii exclusive and hits store shelves September 7th, the same day NHL 11 releases for PS3 and Xbox 360.

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