NHL Slapshot Box Art Hits the Ice

EA Sports NHL Slapshot Review

It's been over a decade since  "The Great One," Wayne Gretzky, has been on the ice and even longer since he's been on the cover of a Nintendo game.  That all changes this September when Gretzky graces the cover of NHL Slapshot for the Nintendo Wii.

Wayne is wearing the jersey of his original team, the Edmonton Oilers. If you're under 22 years old, you might not have known that Edmonton is where he both started out ,and won three Stanley Cups in four years, prior to "The Trade" that sent Gretzky state-side to the Los Angeles Kings.

Gretzky isn't the only retiree to play coverboy this year.  As you know his "Airness" Micheal Jordon will be the cover athlete for this 2k Sports NBA 2K11. It's not the first time EA has pulled this move - in theory. Brett Favre was given the cover of Madden 09 - the first time we all thought he retired.

EA Sports has been making phenomenal hockey games on Xbox 360 and PS3 the last few years. This is the first time they are bringing their NHL talents to the Wii console as well. With the size of Slapshot's stick accessory, it looks like I'll need to clean off my coffee table, ask my wife to leave the room, and lock up the dog before I start this game up. I have a feeling the stick will lead to a new rash of YouTube videos - showcasing the most recent examples of accidental disaster in living rooms.

nhl slapshot screens

Rarely does a hockey game get me excited, aside from EA's recent titles, my favorite hockey games of all time have been Blades of Steel, NHL '94, and Gretzky's first cover, Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey. All of these games were extremely fun for their time, and most of them remain timeless favorites. Hopefully, "The Great One" can bring a new generation of fans to hockey through NHL Slapshot.

Are you ready to have one more plastic accessory to go with your Wii? Do you think it's weird for a sports games to put retired players on covers? Let us hear it in the comments.

EA Sports NHL Slapshot comes out September 7th only on the Nintendo Wii.

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