After an NHL post-season that has proven anything is possible, only the Los Angeles Kings and the New Jersey Devils remain. According to the developers of NHL 12, their simulated finals has the Kings taking the series in 6 games. If EA Sports‘ simulation is as accurate one, E3 2012 won’t be the only thing worth cheering about in California next week.

Obviously games can never perfectly simulate real life. and NHL 12 has more than proven it this season. After the projected Stanley Cup-winning Pittsburgh Penguins were eliminated – and nearly every other projected stat or series outcome was shown to be inaccurate – fans of the NHL series were forced to concede that no amount of digital analysis or strategy was a match for a professional athlete’s personal drive.

That still won’t stop Kings fans from embracing this as a confirmation of their team’s inability to collapse, being the first eighth-seed team in league history to knock out the first and second place teams in the same season. While Captain Dustin Brown has led the team so far this post-season, it’s goaltender Jonathan Quick that EA Sports believes will carry his team to the franchise’s first ever Stanley Cup win.

With a shutout and no more than two goals against throughout the six-game series, Quick will shut down the surprisingly offensive-minded Devils while outdoing Martin Brodeur himself. The Conn Smythe trophy win is a no-brainer for Quick if that really is the case, but it certainly won’t be if the real-life Devils have anything to say about it.

It’s hard to put much stock in NHL 12‘s predictions after the regular season and playoff results were shown to be about as accurate as a monkey spinning a wheel. And to anyone who doesn’t work at EA Sports, it’s hard to know just how many variables have really been considered. After all, the team has yet to implement the player-specific skating abilities that NHL 13 will be bringing.

Fans of teams not┬áin the Stanley Cup finals can still take part in the NHL series, as the cover athlete determined by fan vote has been narrowed down to Pekka Rinne and Claude Giroux. With those two choices, it’s likely that fans of just about every team will have their own reasons to take part.

What do you think of NHL 12‘s prediction? Think sports franchises are actually capable of determining anything in reality, or is it all up to chance?

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