It hasn’t been long since the developers at EA Sports revealed that they would be bringing legendary players back onto the ice with NHL 12, but now we have the first three players confirmed. Ray Bourque, Chris Chelios and The Great One himself will be stepping up against the league’s best young stars, and along with a new trailer of the three in action comes a few details on how players will be able to use the bonus characters in several of NHL 12‘s game modes.

It would be enough to simply reward NHL fans with a few legendary players who have yet to be recreated in current-gen hockey titles, but that’s not all that players can look forward to. The trailer that first announced that the Legends were coming promised fans that they could take their place among the game’s most revered stars, and a few new modes will let them do just that.

While the legendary players will be able to be placed on any NHL team the player wishes, there’s no question that Boston, Edmonton, and Chicago fans will be especially pleased with these first three revealed. Don’t wait any longer to see how the grizzled veterans look placed into NHL 12‘s all new physics engine, check out the reveal trailers now:


Along with the trailer, we’ve got a few screenshots showing the players doing what they do best:

For those who aren’t familiar with the various game modes of past NHL titles, we should point out that these new characters won’t just be added into the game for fans to place on their favorite team. The skaters are bringing with them the all new ‘Be A Legend Mode,’ a twist on the current ‘Be A Pro Mode’ that lets fans play their entire career from junior to pro as one of the league’s most renowned players. The mode comes with unique achievements and challenges, so it doesn’t seem to be merely a new skin placed on the old framework.

Players will also have the chance to earn new Legend hockey cards for use in the game’s online leagues, and even challenge themselves by going toe-to-toe with an entire team full of the classic players and the league’s current superstars. In short, the best players the game has ever seen won’t be the only change coming with NHL 12.

What do you think of the first three Legends revealed? Any guesses on who still remains to be announced? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

NHL 12 will be released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on September 13, 2011. A playable demo of the game will be coming to both Xbox Live and PSN on August 23.

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