EA Sports more than got our attention with their newest addition to the NHL series, a series of game modes built around the return of several of the greatest players in the league’s history. Now the last two Legends that will appear in NHL 12 have been revealed, confirming our suspicions that both ‘Super Mario’ and ‘Elbows’ would be showing a new generation of gamers how hockey is meant to be played. The new trailer for NHL 12 puts Red Wings legend Gordie Howe and Pittsburgh Penguins star-turned-owner Mario Lemieux in the spotlight, and puts the finishing touches on a star-studded cast.

The biggest challenge for sports titles is keeping things fresh, since the game they emulate remains relatively unchanged from season to season. For hockey, the technical limitations of past consoles have seen a recent surge in photorealistic graphics and an all new physics engine, but while these improvements do a great deal to make the game more impressive, they don’t necessarily make it more ‘fun.’

But by bringing back some of the most beloved and respected players in the league’s long history, the developers of NHL 12 are giving players a new experience, and more than a few game modes to enjoy along with them.

Almost every hockey fan has wondered aloud just how different their life would have been if Patrick Roy, Steve Yzerman, or even ‘The Great One’ himself had been drafted by their hometown team, not the competition. Now that dream can become a reality, according to the latest trailer revealing the final two Legends.

Pittsburgh Fans, and those who preferred the days when hockey players were tougher than they were safer will want to check out this one:


There’s a good possibility that Mario Lemieux could still compete if he were to lace up his skates tomorrow and play alongside Sidney Crosby, but until that day comes, these screenshots will have to do:

Fans are likely already wondering which of the Legends they’ll choose to play as first, now given the opportunity to draft some of history’s greatest skaters the way they felt they should have been.

Could Lemieux really lead the Maple Leafs to a Stanley Cup? Would Gordie Howe be able to keep up with the elite players on today’s Detroit Red Wings?

Those are tough questions to answer, but we’ll be able to find out once NHL 12 arrives on September 13, for the Xbox 360 and PS3. If you just can’t wait to see the new improvements, the downloadable demo will also be released on August 23.

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