NHL 11 Demo Impressions

NHL 11 Demo Is Available Now On PSN and XBL

EA Sports gave gamers all they could want and more with their demo of Madden NFL 11. However, they came up a little short with this years NHL 11 demo. Yet what the demo lacks in depth it more than makes up for in beautiful hockey.

While Madden gave you a full game of 5 minute quarters, in the NHL 11 demo you only get to play a 5 minute 3rd period. To show off the new Stanley Cup celebration, the game you play is game 7 of the Battle For The Cup mode between the Philadelphia Flyers and cover athlete Jonathan Toews' Chicago Blackhawks.

The first games of the Battle For The Cup are simulated to end in a 3-3 tie. Also, the first 2 periods of the game are simulated as well. Because of that, when you take control of your team, you might randomly be down 1-0 or up 3-0. This can be kind of frustrating when you just want to start with a clean slate.

Big hits abound in the NHL 11 demo betwen the Blackhawks and Flyers

The other mode available to you is a demo of EA Sports’ Hockey Ultimate Team. Like EA’s other sports games, with Ultimate Team you get a random deck of cards containing players, skills, jerseys, coaches and rinks. From there you take your team in against another similarly made team for the Rookie Cup. Again, the games are only limited to the final period, but this time the game's score begins at 0-0 so you get a fresh start.

Of course, the rather frustrating setup of the demo shouldn't be as important at the game on the ice. This is where the NHL series has shined over the last few years, and it continues a legacy of great hockey this year. Not much has changed in this gameplay since previous iterations in the franchise, but with the series’ dominance there was little chance that they would risk any major modifications. It looks as if NHL 11 will continue to dominate the ice once again this year.

The NHL 11 demo is available now in the Playstation Store and on Xbox Live.

NHL 11 hits the ice on PS3 and Xbox 360 on September 2.

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