It's Official: Sony PSP2/'NGP' Details & Image [Updated]

Sony announces NGP PSP2

Rumors, leaked photos and stiff competition have been the talk of town lately for those anticipating Sony's next big move into the handheld gaming market. How can their PSP2 compete against the monstrous smart phone app community and what will they offer against Nintendo's no-glasses 3D handheld?

We all expected Sony to make the PSP2 official today and as the Sony Computer Entertainment’s PlayStation Meeting in Tokyo, Japan, plays out. It has been made official! Please welcome, the NGP (New Generation Portable)!

[Update: Check out Sony's Official Announcement Video to see ALL of the details!]

Details are still pouring in so check back in throughout the day. What we do know about the Sony NGP/PSP2 so far are that it's releasing this holiday season and is getting games for LittleBigPlanet, Uncharted, Killzone and other key Sony franchises.

[Update: Check our our complete Sony NGP information guide for ALL of the details!]

Here are some system specs from the live presentation:

  • OLED Screen is twice the size of typical 3.5" smartphone display.
  • It is a touch screen with another touchscreen on back.
  • NGP has dual analog sticks ("micro analog sticks").
  • Built in electronic compass.
  • Access to wi-fi and 3G networks.
  • Takes physical media, a new game media and a flash memory card.
  • "LiveArea" - lets you send messages in realtime.
  • "Near" - lets you see who's playing what nearby and what games are popular for the area you're in. You can buy games through this and it allows for location-based gaming.
  • Apparently easy to develop for and easy to port games to.

Here's an image from the slideshow at the presentation (click to enlarge):

Sony NGP image

Stay tuned for more details and games for the NGP!

So far, all signs indicate that the Sony NGP is an incredibly powerful device.

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