Rumor Patrol: NGP Price and Release Date Leaked

NGP Price

After its announcement last month at the PlayStation Meeting, the NGP has become the must have handheld of the next generation. Many gamers were anxious to have the the power of an HD console in the palm of their hands, until reality kicked as soon as they realized that this power may come at a high price. Now, some photos have been leaked by a GameStop employee which show a price of $299 and possible release date for the system.

While many gamers are excited for the Next Generation Portable, they must know that Sony hasn't been shy about putting premium prices on its products. The PS3 was originally released with a $600 price tag, and the PSPGo launched at $250, which was more than the cost of a regular PSP.

If these leaked photos are any indication of the actual price of the NGP when it launches, then it will show that Sony is ready to go toe-to-toe with the current handheld champ, Nintendo.

NGP Price and Release Date Leaked

In this picture we have what looks like the register screen at a GameStop. On it are the two SKUs for the 3DS and release date and price for both. The last entry on the list is the NGP with the $299.99 price tag and a release date of 1/1/12.

The January release date is strange and probably isn't the actual launch date of the unit. Up until this point, all we know is that Sony is planning on launching the new handheld near the end of the year. Launching around the holidays to capitalize on all the Christmas shoppers would be ideal, and early January seems like an odd time to launch a gaming unit, especially since many of us are going to be recovering financially after spending money on gifts.

Sony has yet to give an official release date or price of the NGP, however this gamer hopes that this rumor is true. Given the amount of tech Sony is packing into the NGP, $299.99 isn't too shabby. It's definitely sounding better than $999.99.

Do you feel that this price is too high, too cheap, or just right?

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