NGP Games Trailer Shows off 'Uncharted' and 'Killzone'

NGP Games Trailer HD

Now that the initial high of Sony’s NGP unveiling has worn off, it’s time for the company to give an even more in-depth look at what gamers will be most concerned with: the games. While there was a brief shaky-cam version of this trailer that appeared online, this much better HD version gives a brief taste of what the amazing new handheld has in store for gamers.

One thing that anyone will be quick to notice about this trailer is each game’s use of the NGP’s various features. Obviously in an attempt to stay competitive with the alternative forms of gaming offered by Nintendo’s DS and Apple’s iOS devices, Sony plans to deliver content that will be more than just button presses and joystick movements. Sure, some of the games deliver that at their core, but little flourishes like Uncharted’s use of the touch screen to clean a piece of parchment will help make the experience feel like it could only be possible on Sony’s handheld.

Among the titles presented in the trailer are old favorites like Hot Shots Next, Resistance, Killzone, and the previously mentioned Uncharted. It’s these titles — from franchises that the consumer is familiar with — that will initially generate sales, but some of the other titles make better use of all the NGP has to offer.

See for yourself what the NGP has to offer in the trailer below:


Each of these new IPs from Smart As to Little Deviants are clever riffs on already popular console and handheld titles, but their use of the NGP’s gyroscope and rear touchpad hold a lot of promise. It might be difficult to generate a full price title out of any of these works-in-progress, but perhaps for a reasonable price, these could be Sony’s best chance at snaring the casual market.

Titles like Hustle Kings will be able to give the average consumer a chance to play a game they know and enjoy, but using mechanics that emulate the real actions. Obviously this idea isn’t revolutionary, it’s why the iPhone is so viable, but with some serious technology behind it, there could be a changing of the guard.

Also worth mentioning, now that the trailer is in HD, is how impressive the graphics are on some of these games. Getting close to their PS3 counterparts, titles like Resistance and Killzone, games that on the PS3 push the tech to its limits, might be just the flagship franchises to show what the NGP is capable of.

Uncharted NGP Touch Screen Gameplay

This trailer, while still a very early look at some of the NGP titles in development, should give gamers many reasons to look forward to the handheld’s release. Some of the games might not appeal to everyone, but with this much variety, there is bound to be at least one title for every type of gamer.

Which of the titles shown in the trailer do you find the most enticing? Do you think that Sony is going too casual with its use of touch and motion in these games?

Sony’s NGP should release before the year’s end.

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