Rumor Patrol: New 'NFL Blitz' Coming from EA Sports

EA Sports NFL Blitz 2012 Rumor

According to the latest rumor, EA Sports and developer Tiburon are working on a new NFL Blitz for 2012. While this is definitely just a rumor at this point, it makes some sense. No, a lot of sense.

EA Sports has tried different approaches at creating an arcade-football experience before from modes in full-scale Madden games to games like Madden NFL Arcade. Tiburon is also the studio that makes EA's football games and it is also home to one of the creators of the Blitz franchise, Mark Turmell. Yes, this is still just a rumor, but yes, it makes sense.

EA also recently brought another old Midway sports franchise back into the limelight with NBA Jam. NBA Jam managed to attract a good deal of media attention prior to release for EA and also garnered mostly positive reviews after it launched. Is it that far of a stretch then to think EA would like repeat that kind of success with another old, fan-favorite arcade sporting game like Blitz?

NFL Blitz and NBA Jam defined multiplayer gaming and competitive-sports gaming for a generation of players. From arcades to four-player attachments for the Genesis or Super Nintendo, Blitz and Jam brought friends together and then turned friends into enemies with the almost required smack talking accompanying the last-minute comebacks and dramatic high-scoring games. NFL Blitz brought the competitive-multiplayer action to gamers and football fans alike. If EA can capture the magic and feel of the old-school NFL Blitz games the way they did with NBA Jam, EA could have another successful NFL franchise on its hands.

Personally, I spent more time playing various entries in the Blitz franchise growing up than almost any other game or series. Mario Kart games might have been up there too, but there was a time when we traveled where we brought a system and Blitz and no matter where we went there was going to be a Blitz tournament of some sort.

What are your thoughts? Would you be excited about a NFL Blitz remake or re-imagining similar to what EA did with NBA Jam? Or do you think the time for games like Blitz and Jam has past? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Giant Bomb

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