New Next-Gen Zelda Wii Rumors

With E3 two weeks away the rumor mill seems to be growing bigger and bigger. With the sea of rumors, speculation, and other unofficial news here's something you may actually care about... new Zelda Wii rumors. While these are still rumors, they originate from the Japanese forums of which usually have the obnoxious habit of always being right.

The forums claim that the game is nearly complete and now the finishing touches are being added. They also mention that there will be a playable version at E3. So here is the full set of speculations the folks at the fourms claim to be in store for the next installment of Zelda:


  • Combat is so much more fluent and innovative that no previous Wii title can act as a good comparison
  • Fighting relies more on sword combat than any other items
  • There is another main weapon added to provide an alternative combat style
  • Less items, but they are used more frequently


  • A new blade (not the Master Sword) enables time travel
  • The game has significant portions of flight
  • The dungeon to-field-to dungeon method has been changed, one of the changes being a straight dungeon to dungeon portion of the game.
  • There will be many side-quests similar to Majoras Mask
  • Character interaction will be more involving than in previous titles
  • Link's hometown will be larger than in previous titles


  • The name of the girl in the concept art (shown above) Shigeru Miyamoto displayed last year is Adelle.

As you can see the statements are very vague and don't go too much into detail. Most likely blandness of the details are  intended to cause conversation and hype for the next two weeks into Nintendo's upcoming E3 press conference. Any of this isn't a real reason to worry since well have E3 coverage within a mere two weeks, which will give us facts instead of speculation.

So how do you guys feel about the alleged new details on the upcoming Zelda title?

Source: ZeldaInformer [via 2ch]

[Update: ZeldaInformer is now insisting the the new Wii Zelda game will be titled The Legend of Zelda: The Prophet of Light.]

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