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Nintendo Direct leaks tend to happen every now and then which is likely to Nintendo's dismay. Now, a new leak has emerged that reinforces a leak that came from GameStop earlier this month indicating a Nintendo Direct would be coming in September.

According to Emily Rogers, a reputable leaker of Nintendo-related events, a new Nintendo Direct is on its way shortly and could very well come sometime next week. Many leaks of this nature have occurred before, including a leak that predicted a Direct for the following week in February of this year correctly.

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Sabi, who is another known and reliable leaker, corroborated Rogers' leak when she had posted a tweet on Twitter that implied the inevitability of a Nintendo Direct happening shortly. Sabi mentioned Rogers' claim in her tweet and then jokingly implied that there could be some truth to Rogers' claim.

"Hmm, Emily Rogers saying direct is next week. Could it be...?" Sabi asks rhetorically. Sabi's tweet can almost assuredly be read as a way of implying that Rogers is correct in her assertion of an upcoming Nintendo Direct.

If it is the case that a Nintendo Direct is coming up, there are a number of games that could be presented in it. First and foremost, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening could show up in the tentative Direct. Releasing shortly in September, it would make a great deal of sense to excite players with as much footage as possible before its upcoming release.

Luigi's Mansion 3 could also make an appearance in the potential early September Nintendo Direct. As one of the biggest games to still hit the Switch this year, it could very well make an appearance during the supposed Direct as a way of generating anticipation for the game. The same is true of Pokémon Sword & Shield, which will be hitting the Switch later this Fall. For many, Nintendo Direct videos are always exciting in their reveal of what it is in the pipeline for Nintendo, as these videos garner a lot of viewers in showing what lies in Nintendo fans' future.

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