Will the Next 'God of War' Be an Online Title?

Next God of War to Be Online Title

Though Kratos’ quest for revenge played out to its bloody conclusion in God of War 3, that doesn’t mean that Sony Santa Monica, developer on the title, is done with that universe. In fact, as indicated by a job posting for the California based studio, they might be looking to take some or all aspects of God of War into the online arena.

First, before those fans of the very singular experience of God of War begin to cry foul, it’s worth noting that the job posting only explains that the programmer to be hired would join the God of War team, not that they would be working on a God of War title.

While it might be fun to once again visit the world of God of War, it’s hard to ask a developer that delivered three stellar God of War titles (and helped work on two excellent PSP games) to go back to a storyline they wrapped up.

Still, having created one of the most visceral and visually arresting experiences on any console, Sony Santa Monica has built a very large fanbase — one that anxiously awaits their next title whatever that may be.

Perhaps, using their experience working on Warhawk — an underrated multiplayer experience that was meant to show off the PS3’s online capabilities — Sony Santa Monica can deliver something as unexpected as the first God of War was. They have shown us that they can make a competent online shooter and a third person action game with a large scope and scale, now what will they be able to show us next?

This is, unfortunately, just the hiring phase for this title, meaning that its release is a long ways off. In that time gamers can expect that Sony Santa Monica will do their best to make this title very special, and perhaps gamers might even get their wish and they will set it in the God of War universe. However, if they don’t, gamers can still look to Mortal Kombat on the PS3 to get their Kratos fix.

What do you think this next title from Sony Santa Monica will be? Are you interested in partaking in an online experience set in the world of God of War?

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