Newest 'nail'd' Trailer is an Adrenaline Rush

Nail'd Review

The arcade style racer nail’d is a title that doesn’t shy away from pushing the limits of gravity and physics with its over-the-top jumps and larger than life tracks. Released today is a new trailer for the game that shows even more of the insanity that players will have to weave through in order to finish in first place.

nail’d is a title that will go largely under the radar. Coming from Deep Silver, a lesser known developer, the title will assuredly struggle to find its audience among the one-two punch of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and Gran Turismo 5, but its unique racing mechanics might be able to get the title out there. If perhaps there are gamers out there that are looking to pick up nail’d, they will be happy to know four free maps come with their purchase.

Not sure what nail’d is all about? Check out this trailer to see for yourself:


Apparently this game is going to be an adrenaline rush. Planes flying overhead and hot air balloons at the edge of 100-yard jumps are the best way to get your blood flowing and probably to break a few bones.

There are certainly some bold claims made in this trailer, none of which can be substantiated until Game Rant gets our hands-on the title for review, but based on the trailer alone there certainly is some incredible jumps and stunts being pulled off. Landing might be a bit tricky for the riders but the jumps provide not only some visual excitement but throw plenty of obstacles in player’s way.

nail’d makes no claim to be a simulation style racer or even a realistic looking racer. What it sacrifices in terms of realism, it more than makes up for in the entertainment factor, a quality you can't help but admire.

What are your thoughts on the adrenaline rush that is nail’d? Would you be willing to pick up this title, with it’s decreased price point, over Need for Speed or Gran Turismo?

nail’d releases November 30th for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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