Newegg Offers Amazing Deal on PS4 Pro With 1-Year PS Plus Membership

It is no secret that Sony’s PlayStation 4 is nearing the end of its life cycle, which appears to be closer now than ever before after the company unveiled its next-generation console. Of course, given the announcement of the PS5, some retailers are now slowly dropping the price of current generation PlayStation consoles, which would be perfect for players who are interested in joining the PlayStation family.

For those who are in the market for a new PlayStation console, the best version of the system to buy right now is the PS4 Pro. To the uninitiated, the Pro model of the console includes several features not included in the original such as 4K gaming and HDR support. For those curious as to what else is new on the Pro console, check out this list of 25 awesome things the PS4 Pro can do.

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Now, online retailer Newegg is currently offering an amazing deal for the 1TB Jet Black version of the PS4 Pro. Players can get the Pro console for a cheap price of $379, which is $20 off of its list price of $399. The best part about this deal is that it comes included with a 1-year subscription to PS Plus, which is valued at $60, giving players an overall savings of $80 for the 1TB PS4 Pro and 1-year PS Plus subscription. This deal ends next week, so interested players can grab this deal via the link below.

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However, for those players who want to get a PS4 Pro but don’t care for a PS Plus subscription, Best Buy is currently offering a good deal for the console. The retailer is offering the 1TB PS4 Pro for a cheap price of $349, which is $50 off its list price of $399. Players must remember that a PS Plus subscription is required to access most of the PS4’s online functions. Aside from that, a PS Plus subscription also gives players access to several free games monthly.

Meanwhile, the PlayStation manufacturer made headlines recently when it was revealed that Sony is now the owner of some Xbox exclusive games. The situation arose after Sony purchased game developer Insomniac who developed games such as Sunset Overdrive, which was released exclusively on the Xbox One and Windows PC.

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