Microsoft reveals a list of “known concerns” involving the New Xbox One Experience; including blank game tiles, slow console booting, and content update loops.

Xbox One owners and would-be console buyers everywhere have been patiently awaiting the New Xbox One Experience, which launches today. In addition to bringing backward compatibility for Xbox 360 games (this feature goes live in a few hours), the update will also introduce various social features and tweaks which Microsoft says will make it easier for Xbox One users to jump into games with their pals. Unfortunately for those looking forward to the NXOE, there are a handful of “known concerns” which could make that new experience a bit rocky.

The main issue on the list of known NXOE troubles is that after Xbox One users first boot their console following the update, in a “small number of cases” that first boot may be incredibly slow. Another issue is the fact that the Xbox One may show a list of blank tiles where the user’s game and apps should be as, the first time the user boots the console up after the update, the console has to check for metadata. Other first boot problems include being “interrupted to input your password but can’t progress further” and discovering that voice controls won’t work after a first boot either.

Halo 5 Guardians Screenshots 2

Other than the first boot issues, Microsoft explains that those who have upgraded to the New Xbox One Experience may also have some trouble installing content as well as content updates. In one case, content updates “can appear to be stuck in a loop” if the console can’t detect a license for the content in question, whereas if the Xbox One’s internal storage is full when it tries to install a game, choosing a new storage device to install it onto can lead to the console downloading the game from Xbox Live instead of installing it off of the disc. Given that Halo 5: Guardians‘ day one content update is 9GB and Fallout 4 is a 28GB installation, these kind of issues could be especially frustrating should Xbox One owners come across them.

Microsoft has offered a list of fixes for these NXOE issues, and they all seem easy enough to follow, but some fans are unhappy with the company. Microsoft admits that their were some “experiences” of the NXOE that it “couldn’t fully polish for launch”, but fans argue that the months of New Xbox One Experience patches, bug fixing and testing via the Preview Program should have stopped these issues from making it to the full release. Plus, Microsoft recently revealed that Kinect’s dashboard hand gestures were dropped in order to focus on the NXOE’s core features, and so many users are now asking why the NXOE team was still unable to solve these troubles.

Source: Xbox