New details have surfaced following the Microsoft E3 2016 presentation about the new Xbox One wireless controller, one of which includes a nice upgrade for PC users.

Going into E3 2016, it was impossible to predict exactly what technology each company would bring to the table. As the dust around the early days of the biggest week in gaming settles, it’s clear that Sony believes the PS4 is strong enough on its own to warrant little in the way of tech upgrades, while Microsoft has decided to make huge changes to their hardware, going so far as to confirm that Project Scorpio, their next big console, is already on the way and targeting next year for release.

Perhaps the myriad discussions of VR technology and new consoles at E3 2016 isn’t that surprising for an event so steeped in prestige and mystique. Microsoft’s focus on new Xbox One controllers and the many different projects that have sprung up from them as a result, however, definitely classifies as a surprise, and a pleasant one – the new controller sounds better each time a few more details about it surface.

The new Xbox One controller will be the default model that ships with the equally new Xbox One S, and it doesn’t have an official name, but features some welcome additions to controller comfort. Microsoft claims that the controller has better grips at the top of each control stick, alongside more precise sticks in general, but the biggest change is coming for PC gamers who use the controller while they play Windows titles: the new Xbox One controller supports Bluetooth as well as the regular WiFi Direct, meaning PC gamers no longer have to buy the Microsoft-brand dongle to use the controller.

Of course, PC fans will still need to buy some version of a dongle for devices that don’t support Bluetooth, but for gamers on laptops, the change to the Xbox One controller is a momentous one that also plays up Microsoft’s new Play Anywhere program. That’s a big deal heading into an important phase of the Xbox One’s lifespan, as Microsoft has made it clear that the company believes a marriage between Xbox One and PC gamer desires is in the industry giant’s best interests.

xbox design lab pink white 1

Dongle-less PC gameplay is arriving just in time for Microsoft’s new Xbox Design Lab custom controller service, too. If there’s one thing a PC gamer knows, it’s that being the best player isn’t close to as important as looking like the best player, and having a flashy controller with a gamer handle laser engraved into it is just the thing to put other fans on notice.

What do you think about Microsoft’s renewed emphasis on creating better controllers? Is the indirect addition of more PC support a step in the right direction? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: YouTube (via VG 24/7)