New Xbox One Achievement Features Coming this Summer

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Although the team at Microsoft let the games do all the talking during its E3 2014 press conference (a very different strategy from last year’s approach), that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some updates on the way to the Xbox One in the coming year. Microsoft has been incredibly receptive to user feedback and the Xbox One has already had a number of changes patched in to sort out user reported issues or requests. More of those user interface and app improvements are on the way this summer.

According to Microsoft’s Major Nelson (Larry Hryb), the new-gen console will receive a dedicated achievement app this summer to make tracking progress and seeking help a whole lot easier for users. Currently, seeing details about achievements requires temporarily stepping away from the gaming experience to enter an entirely different app. All that will change this summer when Xbox One owners gain the power to snap the achievements app to the side of their screens.

Major Nelson demos the upcoming tool in the above video and showcases how convenient the snap feature will be when players want to track their progress in real time. It might seem like a silly feature to get excited about, but anything that keeps players immersed in the gameplay (rather than pushing them out to a separate screen) should be considered an improvement from the developer’s perspective.

Xbox One Achievement

The snap feature will allow players to track their progress on multiple achievements at once, all in real time. The default display will order achievements by how close the player is to completing them. The app does offer some flexibility though and users are able to reorganize the upcoming achievements to whichever order they prefer.

In addition to the new way to view achievements, the app will also offer players a bit of help when they get stuck. If you give up on figuring out how to accomplish a particular goal, you can click the achievement through the app and the Xbox One will redirect you to a web browser with a list of guides related to the particular challenge.

Hryb mentioned “later this year” and “this summer” during the demo, but did not reveal an official release date.

Are you excited about the new features that the achievement app will add to the Xbox One? Let us know in the comments.

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