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Microsoft has seen plenty of success this generation, and apparently that growing momentum still hasn't ended. According to Robin Burrowes, Microsoft's head of Xbox Live marketing, they see a new Xbox Live user every two seconds. Burrowes did not state what percentage of users are Gold members, but nonetheless this is still an incredible feat.

Since last year, Xbox Live currently sits at more than 35 million users, which could ultimately be read as a lot of money in Microsoft's pocket. This number may appear to be dwarfed compared to the over 60 million PSN accounts, but in that case one must remember that the PSN also extends to the PSP and Sony's forums.

Burrowes claims that the 35 million users can be attributed to the wide variety of services Xbox Live offers, including those that are not gaming related. He specifically cites Facebook, Twitter, and the European Sky Player as examples, and also believes that games such as Modern Warfare 2 have made a huge impact, and who could blame him? It's no secret that the advertising for Call of Duty has always had strong ties to the console and online service.

As always, these numbers should be taken with a grain of salt. Burrowes does not specify how many of these accounts are Gold members, or how many of these users made their accounts on an Xbox 360. Gamers can create an account on the Xbox website, either to secure a Gamertag or to simply chat on the forums. In other words "a new user every two seconds" doesn't necessarily mean that Microsoft is rolling in an unending and always growing pool of money. On the positive side, these are still potential new users and we're sure Microsoft will be able to use that to their advantage.

In any case, congratulations to Microsoft for turning Xbox Live into the success it is today. Even if the emphasis on online play can sometimes dilute what should have been good single player games (we're looking at you Homefront) competition is still a good thing, and Microsoft's success should cause Sony and Nintendo to better improve their services.

Are you surprised by the momentum that Xbox Live still apparently holds? Any particular game that got you hooked on online multiplayer?


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Source: Develop

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