Microsoft blogger Brad Sams claims that Microsoft is gearing up to reveal new Xbox One hardware at E3 2016, including a redesigned console and controller.

Another day, another rumor about redesigned eighth generation hardware. This one comes from blogger Brad Sams, who claims that sources inside Microsoft have confirmed to him that a redesigned Xbox One console will be revealed during Microsoft’s press conference at E3 2016, along with a redesigned Xbox One controller as well.

Sams was unable to determine what new features Microsoft will be adding to the redesigned Xbox One. However, previous rumors point to an Xbox One slim model in production, so that seems like a safe bet. As for the controller, Sams again was unable to list what made it different from the original Xbox One controller, except that its standard color will be white instead of black.

This wouldn’t be the first time Microsoft has redesigned the Xbox One controller. In fact, the company put out a spiffy Xbox One Elite controller that allows players to customize it a great deal. Whether or not the new controller set to be revealed at E3 will retain any of the transforming qualities of the current Xbox One Elite controller remains to be seen, but considering the Xbox One Elite controller’s sales success, it is a distinct possibility.

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Besides revealing details about the possible second generation of Xbox One hardware and a new controller, Sams also claims that Microsoft will use E3 to further push the relationship between Xbox and Windows 10. This wouldn’t be surprising, considering Microsoft’s support of PC gaming has become a lot more aggressive in recent months, with the company bringing Xbox exclusives like Quantum Break to Windows 10, for example.

According to Sams, one of the ways Microsoft will continue to bridge the gap between PC and Xbox is by expanding the Xbox to PC game streaming capabilities. To that end, Microsoft is reportedly looking into new gameplay experiences only possible through PC and Xbox interaction, which will help them make a “killer combination” to convince PC gamers to pick up an Xbox One over a PlayStation 4.

With Microsoft’s E3 2016 press conference set to take place in June, we won’t have to wait too long to find out if there is any merit behind Sams’ claims. There have been plenty of recent rumors to back up his statements, but until we see the new Xbox One hardware and controller for ourselves, it’s best to take this information with a grain of salt.

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Source: Thurrott